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Skyematrixgaming.com is a gaming website that focuses on entertainment and video games while delivering you great content and news through articles, videos, and podcasts. Here are some of the great people you will find at the site.




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Twitter: @NaonMatrix86

Hello everyone, I am Nick Essex, I first started playing video games in the very early 90's on the NES. My first three games were Super Mario, Dick Tracy, and Legend of Zelda. Thru the years I have played on most of the consoles available. I tend to like RPG's, shooters, and action games. My top 3 games of all time are Grandia II, Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, and Fallout 3.


Manager of A/V

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Twitter: @DndPeppermint

I am in charge of producing most content for the site. If it has an audio or video competent odds are I touched it in some fashion. Also odds are you have heard my as Peppermint on Dungeon Matrix. My favorite games of all time include, Fallout: New Vegas, Borderlands 2, and Civilization 5.


Head Writer

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Twitter: @illuminati1556

Devon is actually a music teacher, helping to develop and shape young minds. Of course this means schooling his students on video game debates, history, and media. When he's not nurturing the future of America he spends his time trolling Reddit, collecting precious platinum, and most likely quoting Futurama. Follow him on twitter or PSN @illuminati1556.

A/V Team


Head Editor / Bonafied Stud

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Twitter: @LoseyBoy

My name is AJ Losey (I'm the one on the right), and I'm a certified G and a bonafide stud. And you can't teach that. Actually you can, just follow the path that I have created for everyone. Study film until you become a cynical asshole about movies, edit videos, and play video games. Eventually, someone like Nick will come along and give a job (that doesn't pay by the way). My other interests include professional wrestling (as evident by the Enzo Amore quote that I opened with), fast cars, and having fun in the snow. Top 3 games are GTA V, The Last of Us, and Kerbal Space Program.


Host / Fanboy

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Twitter: @AGodOnTheRun

A student at UW-Whitewater, and a gamer born and bread in Illinois. Future journalist and photographer, and is available for hire when it comes to anything related to those topics. He is an avid gamer and also enjoys long walks through anything related to nature. Has also been referred to as "that kid who frequently attempts to fire webbing from his wrists" for obvious reasons.


Pokemon Expert

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Twitter: @BradKrc

Meet Brad, Brad doesn't hate Pokemon because he is almost in his 20's, be like Brad. Play Pokemon




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Twitter: @damesthegamer

I'm Damien, I'm a game journalist here at SkyeMatrix. I like art, cartoons, anime, comics and of course videogames. Favorite games: Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy X Favorite game types: Action-Adventure, RPG, Platformer, Fighting, Strategy, Rhythm Games


Writer / Destiny Expert



Will is the sites Destiny expert. Each week or so he takes us though some major updates for Destiny or whatever other stupid stuff Bungie does


Writer / Film Connoisseur



Ben has an obsession with movies and some indie games. He goes through and tells us what he thinks




Twitter: @John_Seminario_

Video games! I'm currently thinking about changing my name to Punished "Venom" John, but I don't actually own an eye patch and I'm pretty sure they won't let just anyone buy one. Also, both of my shins have a spot on them that seemingly refuses to grow hair, and I think it has something to do with the fact that I always wear long socks and tight pants. I have played neither Red Dead Redemption nor The Last Of Us to completion, and I consider the original Dead Rising to be the best in the series, and I promise those are the only things that are dumb about me. I have a black belt in funny hashtags and I like to not know how to play the drums very well in my spare time. Movies are also cool.

Stream Team



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Hey, what's up everyone? I'm James and I've been Gaming for close to 3 decades. My favorite system of all time is the SNES. Some of my favorite games are DuckTales, Crackdown, Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time, Mike Tyson's Punchout, and the Mass Effect trilogy. Other than gaming I enjoy Disneyland, Snowboarding, and good beer. Every Wednesday @ 9pm pt/12am et I die over and over again in Dark Souls for your enjoyment. My Gamertag is UndrCoverJamesy on PSN and XBL if you want to play some games together. Hope to see you in the SkyeMatrix twitch stream.



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Twitter: @Patsyl115

My name is patrick sylvester and im a video editor and i also stream.im in 10th grade and love to do things like play video games watch movies and mess around with tech. My pc specs are an a8 6400 cpu a 750ti sc gpu and 16 gigs of ram. My favorite games are 1- the last of us 2- skyrim 3-call of duty world at war. My favorite movies are 1-django unchanded 2- serenity 3- saving private ryan.

Recurring Characters


A Legend of a Man

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Twitter: "I ain't got time for that shit"

This is Chase, I'd ask him for a bio but I'm scared what he would say