Learning to Evolve: The Show to Fame

Learning to Evolve:The Show to Fame

Learning to Evolve is a weekly show hosted by Mike and Brad about Pokemon. Each week they choose their top 3 Pokemon from that weeks theme, explain why they are right, and then battle using one of those Pokemon as the leader of their team.

How the Show Works

Each week Mike and Brad agree on a theme

Then they each choose a top 3 list of the Pokemon in that Theme

After discussing their Top 3 they will battle in a 6 vs 6 Singles match using one of those 3 Pokemon and 5 others that follow the theme

After the battle they discuss what happened and then discuss next week's theme

Random Pokemon Links

For all Pokemon Battles and team creation we use http://pokemonshowdown.com/

For an Up To Date Pokedex https://www.pokedex.org/