Game Of The Year 2016

Game Of The Year 2016

Devon's Top 5

Written by Devon

No. 5: Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is an almost flawless example of what a roguelike should be. It's a silly, but well thought out, bullet hell that has you fighting your way deeper and deeper into the Gungeon. The whole game revolves around the idea of guns. You have over a hundred hysterical weapons to pick up on your way down, as well as unique power ups and consumables that will help you reach the final boss. In addition to your guns, all of your enemies are based on guns or bullets, who use guns to shoot bullets at you. My only complaint is that I am completely spoiled by Rogue Legacy. Rogue Legacy allows you to upgrade your character at the end of every run, which helps you to get marginally stronger every time. Enter the Gungeon on the other hand relies solely on getting better and smarter with each run. It is up to you to memorize enemy attack patterns and tricks to dodge rolling and other little techniques that help you barrel your way to the bottom. Your success feels greater because you know you're actually getting better, but your progress will move slower because you're never getting stronger.

No. 4: Overwatch


Overwatch is on almost everyone GOTY list, and rightfully so. Overwatch looks and feels great. The shooting mechanics are superb. Every character feels unique. And the best part? Even if you suck at shooters, you can play a meaningful role in almost every match. I consider myself a pretty good FPS player, but there were times when I would be getting my teeth kicked in. Rather than rage quit, I could switch myself to a healing class that could buff my team to make them play stronger and last longer. On top of everything Overwatch does right, there is the promise, and already the addition, of a ton of free content and special events. Overwatch kept me coming back because there was something new to do or earn almost every month.

No. 3: DOOM


Speaking of FPS, Doom is a masterpiece. Of all of the shooters to come out this year, Doom was my favorite. Never have I ever experienced a game that rewards you for playing with reckless abandonment. Doom is fast and fluid, with glory kills and bloodshed at every turn. Sure the AI can be kind of dumb at points because they're swarming to kill you, but that adds to the excitement of mowing them down and literally ripping their heads off. I've waited years for Doom to come back and ID delivered. This is the true embodiment of what Doom can and should be on every level.

No. 2: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank

In a year that was absolutely littered with FPS's, Ratchet is a gem that should not be ignored. Back in the days of the PS3, Ratchet more than outstayed his welcome. By the end of the PS3 lifecycle they were doing some questionable things with the series like a 4 player co-op game like Super Mario 3D World and a tug of war strategy game. Ratchet & Clank, much like Doom, is a redemption story for the franchise. This is a reimagining of the original, and with some revisionist history. Ratchet and Clank are now working together rather than hating each other, and they also ham up the "this is a game, based on a movie, based on a game" aspect. Weapons and upgrades are abundant. The colors a bright. The chaos is thru the roof. Most importantly, it doesn't wear out its welcome. This is the perfect length to make you happy and actually make you want to see more from the series. Thank you Insomniac.

No. 1: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Darkest Dungeon is roguelike RPG but with a serious twist. The RPG mechanics are executed and balanced perfectly and the gameplay loop pushes you to press onward. Choose your team, pick a dungeon, loot the curios, complete the objective, upgrade your characters and town, repeat. Sound familiar? Lets take a sharp turn. That dungeon you picked isn't going to be quite that forgiving. Depending on whether you picked the Warrens, Weald, Cove, or Ruins, you'll have an idea of what kind of enemies you'll face. If you know what kind of enemies there are, you can pick any combination of the 14 characters that are best suited to that dungeon. The dungeon itself will be completely random though. The map layout changes every time. The layout of the enemies will change every time. The curios will carry different loot, or threats every time. Yeah, the curios aren't always good things unless you know how to counter them. In addition to managing everything else you would in a RPG, such as your baggage, health, and upgrades, you must also manage your character stress levels. As you play, you'll accumulate stress. If you get too much, your characters will slowly begin to go insane, or become masochistic, or fearful. All of these things will make your trip even more difficult because they'll start to damage your teamates, or move position in the ranks, or straight up ignore your commands. The good news is, you can at least run away from the dungeon with your tail between your legs and any loot you found. Your characters will get stressed. Your characters will also die. Permanently. The whole goal of Darkest Dungeon is to be thoughtful, plan for the dungeon you're trying to tackle, and to make synergistic parties that work well together. If Dark Souls was an unforgiving RPG, this would be it.

AJ's Top 5

Written by AJ

Sam's Top 5

Written by Sam

James' Top 5

Written by James

Considerable mention:

5. Overwatch

4. Watchdogs 2

Top 3:

3. Super Hot

Super Hot

I was late to the party with Super Hot but I'm so glad I made it. This game is one of the most unique games I've played in a while. It has a great look especially with the minimalist art style. And the gameplay is so tight and the controls feel almost to good. The way that you can slowly and methodically take out a whole room of people then watch the replay in regular speed, it looks pretty insane. This game has a perfect mix of strategy and action. Super hot is the ultimate first person badass simulator and that's why it's my number 3 game of the year. SUPER HOT

2. Hitman


I have to admit that I didn't think I would have Hitman on this list. Especially with the way they went to an episodic Telltale formula. But since I am a big fan of the other games I bought the intro episode and instantly fell in love with 47 all over again. This Hitman they went back to the Blood Money style of levels and hits instead of sticking with the more linear path levels of Absolution. And the episodic release dates work perfectly because each episode is a huge sandbox filled with all kinds of ways to go about eliminating your target. Some of the ways I've taken out my targets are: coconut to the face, hide in the bathroom after you poison them then drown them in the toilet, and (my favorite) shot Gary Busey while he was hitting on a lady standing on a balcony from a church bell tower. IO has something awesome going here with season one of Hitman and I can't wait to hear about season two. That's why 47 is my number 2.



I don't really think I can say anything negative about Doom. Yea the multiplayer isn't the best but I don't think of multiplayer when I think Doom. Doom was one of the first FPS’s I played back in 1993 so I was skeptical about it when I heard about all the trouble that ID was having developing it. Then when the beta hit years after it was announced it was called mediocre by the critics and fans alike. And when Bethesda didn't send any review copies out early (this was before they changed their review policy) I thought Doom was going to bomb for sure. But holy hell ID did a fantastic job bringing Doom back and making it my best game of 2016. It's so cool how they were able to keep the look, feel, and sound of that original game from 1993 but give it the polish and mechanics of a game in 2016. Just it running and looking so good and buttery smooth on the Xbox one and the PS4 is an amazing feat. I had a friend over while I was playing it one day and he couldn't believe how pretty the game is. I can't really say I have a favorite part or section of Doom because it's all awesome! From the hard ass original Metal soundtrack to the way the game rewards you for brutally murdering demons by ripping off their limbs and beating them with them Doom in my book is a near perfect game.

Damien's Top 5

Written by Damien

It is the end of the year and and it is time to reflect on some of gamings great titles. And if there can only be 3 games this year, these are the titles that show off what gaming is really all about. We have a thief, 4 best friends and a group of heroes and villains. Below is Dames' Top 3 Games of the Year.

My number 3 game of the year has to go to Uncharted 4 A Thief's End. Naughty Dog really knocked it out of the park with this one. And while it is sad to see Nathan Drake go there isn't a better way to send him off if you ask me. The graphics that Naughty Dog were able to squeeze out of the PS4 are simply amazing as this game is beautiful at almost every turn. Another highlight is the fact that the game is regularly getting free updates to its multiplayer as well as new modes.

My number 2 game of the year is Final Fantasy XV. Sqaure-Enix really delivered with this one as it was well worth the wait for me. While others may scoff at the fact that you have to watch the animated CG movie Kingsglaive and the anime Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood to understand the full picture, I find it refreshing to have other pieces of media to fall back on. Especially when the game is already so good. Final Fantasy XV makes up for all of its shortcomings with its intricate and awesome battle system which has two variations. The standard real time combat or the more traditional wait mode and I'm here to say that both play great. As well as its open world nature. Being free to roam around EoS and take on hunts as well as do quests is a welcome change for the series one that I hope sticks around for future Final Fantasy's. After putting in nearly 80 hours beating the game and starting a new game plus, I won't be putting this title down anytime soon.

My number 1 favorite game of 2016 has to be Blizzard's Overwatch without question. Another game where you pay the initial price and are awarded with all awesome content as it rolls out for free. This game has only gotten better since it was released in May as Blizzard continues to add characters, maps and game types. This is my favorite game of the year because for some reason the characters and the lore of Overwatch speaks to me. Because luckily for me I have people to play it with but I also enjoy playing it alone. This is easily the one game I know I will be playing well into 2017 and beyond.

My top 3 of the year are just that my personal reflection on the three titles that have stuck with me this year and the three titles I think everyone should buy or at the very least play. This being a personal list I am curious to know what games are some of your favorites. Tweet @Damesthegamer with the #MyTop32016 and we can keep the discussion going.

Will's Top 5

Written by Will

WIth 2016 finally coming to a close I am here to bring you my top five picks for game of the year.

5.) Titanfall 2 - In a Funhaus video, Titanfall 2 is said to be the best game no one is playing and that is spot on. Titanfall had a lot of backlash for selling a season pass and then only offering four maps with each DLC drop. I feel like Respawn took a lot of notes from Titanfall and fixed many issues with the sequel game. Titanfall 2 brought in a single player campaign that the first for some reason did not have. It had multiplayer team deathmatch with some lines of dialog behind the fighting. You can also see the bond between pilot and titan in the second game and it makes sense for that to happen with how the pilot is linked into the titan. All around stellar gameplay and well balanced PvP modes.

4.) Tom Clancy’s The Division - The first sentence to this pick is I know it hit a very long and very dry steak this year but this game came out hot. It shot to near the top of the most steamed list in Twitch and had great reviews out of the gate getting 8/10’s from GameSpot and scoring an 80% from Metacritic. This game was able to pull me away from Destiny during the content drought it went though and I had a lot of fun in the open world aspect of it. The major downsides were the game breaking glitches that you had to exploit in order to just play the game. One example was there was a mask armor piece that once you use some healing ability it would constantly heal the player. With that and the random glitches that would happen with the first Incursion such as freezing or never ending waves correctly it fizzled quickly but has since come back with the Survival update adding a new game mode and fixing a lot of errors. It is a good game to come back to for all those gamers who enjoyed the initial launch.

3.) Gears of War 4 - I will start by saying this is a personal pick. The game is getting solid reviews but this rejuvenates the series from the not-so-great Gears of War Judgement. It looks to set its trilogy of games with a different enemy set and a look into a post-Locus world that Marcus helped save. The game looks amazing graphically and has the same feel any Gears fan would love.

2.) Dark Souls III - Dark Souls III kept with tradition and made players rage day after day because of the various enemies. I was stuck on the very first tutorial boss for three days. But the graphics look amazing and leaves you wanting to explore the area instead of blazing though and hack and slashing everything in sight. The lore is just like every other game, it can be quite confusing and leaves you to wonder what you are trying to accomplish at the end of the game but has you going into new game plus just to finish all endings that are possible. And who doesn’t love to have their notes rated good. Overall very good way to finish the series as it has been stated that this is the end of Dark Souls.

1.) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - This is a game I have yet to play but I have watched videos on it and watch streams on Twitch and the game looks out of this world. This is the final game in the franchise and Naughty Dog sent it out in style. Uncharted got rave reviews across the board and is still raved about. It is one of the few games that really rely on the storytelling instead of solely looking good.

That was my list. Let me know what you guys think about the games and tell me what I got right and what I got wrong on Twitter @SkyeMatrix or Facebook at