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Content Drought

Written by Will

There is one huge thing with Destiny I would like to talk about and it is the same thing everyone always talks about this time of the year, lack of content. Destiny is currently seeing another content drought and it is not a good time with Destiny 2 coming this year. There will be hype around the new game and no doubt should see the same success as the first but for the players who have been playing since launch it might leave a sour taste. We have just come off the newest event called The Dawning and the return of Sparrow Racing League but looking back after all is said and done it did nothing but add items and emotes you can buy for money. Looking back at The Dawning and seeing the massive flop that Festival of the Lost was during Halloween, The Dawning was definitely a step in the right direction but still did not add much to the game itself. The only content that was added was a few strikes but those were just reworkings of older strikes that players have played countless times already and there were a few new exotics and the newer version of Icebreaker. Don’t get me wrong something as simple as reworking old content is great and many players want to see older raids reworked but those are not long term fixes. There is only so much that can be done with activities that everyone has played already before that doesn’t excite the player like it used to. There is still a lot of time because the expected September release of Destiny 2 and Bungie needs to go into that launch as hot as they can or they may see a drop off in their player base for the sequel. What do you hope to see in Destiny before Destiny 2 comes out?

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Destiny: December Update 16

Written by Will

December 13th will bring a small update and two events into Destiny. The update harbors a few new exotics and some revamped exotics. First off, Bungie is bringing back and updating the Icebreaker sniper rifle from year one. The unique exotic perk for Icebreak puts six shots in the the magazine, but there is no reloading! It will automatically reload over time by putting the bullets back into the magazine on a regular interval. The two new exotics being added are both heavy machine guns called Abbadon and Nova Mortis. There is a notable reference with these weapons as well. They both seem to be related to the Thunderlord in some way. The Thunderlord is a heavy machine gun that was initially introduced when the game was first released and does what is called Arc damage. The Abbadon and Nova Mortis look just like the Thunderlord but the Abbadon does Solar damage while the Nova Nortis does Void damage.

The second addition to the December update will be The Dawning. The Dawning is a Festival of the Lost style event and is the first time Destiny has shown this off. The Dawning will introduce new emotes and new ornaments for weapons as well. Not a whole lot of known about what The Dawning will bring but it will run until January 3rd. A post made on the forums shows that you will have to go to each vendor for some sort of quest but not much else is known.

The final addition to this December update will bring back the hotly anticipated return of the Sparrow Racing League. Sparrow Racing League or SRL, is a PvP event in which players will battle each other and AI on race tracks. Two tracks were introduced last December when Sparrow Racing League was first introduced and Bungie has added a few more tracks to this new update. This should also come with new daily bounties associated with SRL, such as kill enemies on the track or get top place “X” times. There will also be quest lines that reward players with new gear or horns. The last Sparrow Racing League introduced equipable horns that are activated by pressing B or O on your respective controls to sound. Let me know what you guys plan on during first, hitting the race track or collecting presents on the Tower on Twitter @SkyeMatrix or Facebook at

Iron Banner Back December 16

Written by Will

Iron Banner is back! Lady Felwinter has shown back up at the Iron Temple and is sending you out to the Crucible to play Rift. Some folks aren’t too excited for Iron Banner to be Rift and rightly so. Rift is a very team oriented game with a lot of communication needed and strategy playing into how you can score the rift but either way it is here and it will help bring that light level up. Iron Banner post game rewards can drop up to 400 light that is including the weapons and armor Lady Felwinter is selling and ghosts. Lady Felwinter is selling The Distant Star(scout rifle), The Branded Lord(fusion rifle), Iron Sage Helm(helmet) and a class item for you class. The Distant Star has a pretty good vendor roll has braced frame or hand-laid stock in the first column, full auto or extended mag and hidden hand or firefly for the last column. The Branded Lord has rifled barrel or hand-laid stock in the first column, accelerated coils or single point sling in the second column and hot swap or range finder in the last column. The Distant Star has a pretty good roll for a vendor weapon and I would recommend buying that from Lady Felwinter.

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Iron Banner Changes

Written by Will

Last week was Iron Banner and that was one big advantage to it, Light Level. The biggest problem that keeps plaguing IB is the connection and this past event was no different. Many lobbies had many red bar connections and plenty of lagging guardians. But even with the horrible connections and the opposing players that would not take damage the grind to 400 kept going. I was able to get my Titan from 392 up to 398 with the post game drops. For those who missed Iron Banner, the vendor weapons were machine gun and pulse rifles and the armor was chest piece and boots. The other big change to Iron Banner going forward is there are no rank 3 or rank 5 packages to pick up. Before once you hit those ranks you could go to the vendor and pick up a package that would drop any weapon piece or weapon. The changes to the bounties are a big change as well. Instead of having 3 daily and 3 weekly bounties there are 4 weekly bounties. Completing two bounties give you armor and the other two bounties give you weapons. The rewards from the bounties will drop based on your light level as well. So with four bounties per each character and the increased post game drops it is easy to get at least one character to 400.

Let me know what you guys think about the changes to Iron Banner and what you got your light levels up to on Twitter @SkyeMatrix or Facebook at As always, eyes up guardian.

Gun Changes Rise of Iron

Written by Will

A lot of new games have come out recently and one that I have been playing a bit is Titanfall 2. While playing PvP, I noticed a lot about how the guns handle and I wanted to compare this to Destinys’ weapon balancing. Many Destiny players have felt the lack of primary weapons within PvP and have been calling for a buff to primaries while some have been calling for a nerf for shotguns. In Titanfall 2, all weapons except anti-titan weapons and pistols are secondary and snipers and shotguns being in the primary spot. I say that just to show that if a player is wanting to shotgun in Titanfall they have to do so for the whole game or changing their loadout completely. The range in Titanfall for shotguns is the best I have seen in any video game. That has been one of the downfalls Destiny has seen and continues to see is the range of shotguns in PvP. With the right rolls on a Matador 64, you can kill from a medium range which is around 5-10 meters. That distance may not seem like much but if you have two players running at each other and one has a shotgun will nine times out of ten wins that encounter. The shotguns in Titanfall fit that close range combat style and it feels the way a shotgun would handle. The counterpoint to that argument is that because players are used to the medium to long range style many shotguns have is that there are not many shotguns seen in Titanfall. That does not instantly mean that the game is not balanced. There are maps that shotguns do not work on and some maps should be that way. In Destiny’s PvP, it seems as if no matter what the map is and no matter the game mode that shotguns and snipers rule above anything else. Let me know what you guys think about the primary weapons in Destiny, should they be buffed or special be nerfed.

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Wrath of The Machines Herioc Mode

Written by Will

Over the weekend I was able to complete Wrath of the Machine heroic mode and I wanted to take some time and review the changes. The start of the raid remained the same except the enemies are at a higher light level. The second Vosik fight has a few changes to the mechanics of the fight in which there are three monitors that are larger in size and need more damage done to them to prevent the Siva density. The second change is that instead of three bombs dropping from the ceiling there is now six bombs to throw. The biggest issue for the this change is controlling the Fallen that will spawn. When the six bombs drop there is a wave of Dregs and Vandals that will spawn and once the bombs is picked up it needs thrown at Vosik and as seen with normal mode all boms need thrown at the same time or it does not do as much damage to the shield. The third and final change to this fight is there is a wall that you will need to slide under to get into the clean room and it is much more of an annoyance than anything else. The only change with the siege engine encounter is when the fireteam gets the parts close to the siege engine there is a Fallen Splicer Tank that will be dropped on the bottom right. The tank as a pretty simple strategy in which if you shoot one leg off you can then move the parts up. The final two part encounter is Aksis and as the rest of the raid there are slight changes to this encounter as well. The first part of Aksis has only added turrets to each side. You are able to shoot these turrets to disable them for about twenty seconds until they start to power back on and shoot again. The second part of the Aksis encounter is the same as the first change make to Vosik encounter, the fireteam needs to throw six bombs at Aksis to start the teleportation process. If there is a bomb missed while throwing that is no big issues, the servitors will continue to spawn until Aksis starts teleporting or the team is wiped due to the Siva density. As for the rewards, the armor will drop at the same places as normal mode and the sniper and side will drop at Vosik, the machine gun will drop at the siege engine and the pulse and hand cannon will drop after beating the raid. The one change that has taken place for every heroic raid is there is no revives for the team. Once the guardian is dead that is the end of that guardian until the next checkpoint or the team wipes. I am not a huge fan of this modifier because it doesn’t make the raid any harder it just makes the people who die during the raid sit there instead of feeling useful.

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Micro Transactions Update 10/27

Written by Will

The big subject in Destiny seems to be micro-transactions right now and I would like to dive into the subject. When Bungie first said micro-transactions would be introduced into the game it created a divide with the fans. Some said that Destiny had no business having micro-transactions in the game and others said as long as it wasn’t pay to win then it would be a feature that could help with paying for development and even see free DLC come into play. No matter the side of the fence fans fell on, Bungie said that any transactions would be cosmetic only and it has been to this point. With Rise of Iron, Bungie introduced a new thing called Silver Dust and ornaments and both can be purchased through the vendor in game for real money. The ornaments are used to change the skin of exotic weapons and certain armor sets(hard mode for Wrath of the Machine, Trials of Osiris flawless gear and Days of Iron from the book) and each ornaments take a certain amount of Silver Dust to apply it to the weapon or armor. For the exotic weapons it only takes the ornament of choice and 1 Silver Dust but for the hard mode raid and Trails it takes 5. This has become a big sticking point for the community because to get the armor means you have to do some of the hardest activities in the game and once you get the gear you can’t apply it if you have no dust. The biggest issue of all seen by the community is the only way to acquire Silver Dust is by dismantling the ornaments which can be acquired from Tess Everis for some amount of Silver(the material you have to buy with real money to take emotes at the vendor). The Radiant Treasure can contain 1 Silver Dust and 1 ornament which can be broken down to get 5 more dust. If you don’t want to buy the treasure for money you can get one by running a Heroic strike after Tuesday reset to get on so if you want to put all ornaments on your full set that would be 5 weeks that the most to get the 25 Silver Dust needed. With all of that being said, I see no issue with that system that has been put in place. It is a lot of work to put into just ornaments but Bungie has not changed what they said from day one which is that micro-transactions would be cosmetic only.

The problem I have with it is that they have put rep boosters into the pool of things that can be bought and that is dipped the toes into pay to win. There are Vanguard, Crucible and House Judgement rep boosters that will give you increased experience for that group and increased chances for legendary drops. Which means if you are playing PvP or running strikes in one of the playlists once the activity is over you have a better shot at getting a decent gun. That is harmless on the surface but if the rep boosters go over well and no one says anything about that it could development into throwing a gun into the loot table for $20 and that is close to pay to win.

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Road to 400

Written by Will

Get Those Drops, Guardian

The Heroic Wrath of the Machine is finally out for Destiny and that means the light level has been raised to 400! There are a few ways to get your light level up and we are going to show you how. All rare engrams will decrypt equipment up to 365 light. The Siva strike playlist will also have a potential 365 drop. All legendary engrams will drop between 365-385, and all rewards from the Heroic Siva strikes, Archon’s Forge, and Normal Mode Wrath of the Machine will also drop within this range. Any faction or rep packages will have the potential to drop 390 light level gear. Vanguard, crucible, faction(Future War Cult, New Monarchy or the only real choice Dead Orbit), Crota’s Bane, Queen’s Wrath, House of Judgement and the gunsmith are all the packages that can drop up to 390 light weapons or armor. And the goal for everyone playing, light level 400 drops will come from exotic engrams, strike hoards(the chest at the end that requires a skeleton key), nightfall, ghosts, artifacts and class items from Archon’s Forge, Wrath of the Machine hard mode, crucible legendary drops, Iron Banner drops and Trials of Osiris. It is a good idea to combo strikes with three of the coins or run Archon’s Forge to have a chance for a decent ghost or artifact. I have been running strike playlists and it seems to be working for the most part. Archon’s Forge is good if your fireteam loads into an active Archon’s forge with random guardian already fighting. The grind is back on for everyone again and I want to know what light level you have hit already.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron Pre-Order Bonus

Written by Will

If you didn't have enough reason to pre-order the new Destiny: Rise Of Iron DLC(New content, expansion, whatever the proper term is) coming out September 20th then here is another reason. Previously stated before anyone who preorders the new content will receive the new Iron Gjallarhorn once the quest is completed but there is another bonus, the Gjallarwing, which is a new sparrow in the game. Now if you are new to the content or haven't been watching as closely the Gjallarwing was leaked(unofficially) all over the place and was pretty much said to be fake but as of a few days ago Bungie has shown that it is indeed real and can be yours for pre-ordering. I, for one, will be shooting my black Gjallarhorn atop my Gjallarwing. As always, eyes up guardian.

What Destiny Needs

Written by Will

With Rise of Iron coming out soon, there are a few things gamers would like to see added to the game. One big thing that was said though vanilla and most of year one was there should be a trading system. There are pros and cons to that list as is every list you can make about every game but other MMO style games have some sort of trading system in place, one of which is The Elder Scrolls Online. ESO has been out for some time on the PC but most console gamers, myself included, have just been introduced to the game. ESO would be more MMO (massively multiplayer online game) more so then Destiny but Bungie has stated that they want Destiny to have that feel so take it as you will but the system set in place in ESO is you have to request a trade with another player then they have to accept that request. Once the request is accepted you can then put what you want to trade away and if you are in the party with the player ask them to put up what you want. After the haggling is completed both have to accept the trade. Yes this system can be exploited because there is no limit to the trading i.e. you can trade 5 gold for any number of items. Unfair, yes it can be and it makes the gamer not want to farm in game but as Destiny has shown time and time again, we don't like playing with people that need constant backpacking. It isn't fun and in my past experiences I have lost a few friends because I would not carry them through Crota's End. All of that being said, in my honest opinion, this trading system would work the best within Destiny. I could see this working as items are decrypted and someone saying in the fireteam "I just got another Crest of Alpha Lupi...again" then leading to trading that for something else. It could work and people could exploit it but the system could work and if there is trading put in game.

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Class Shaders Update 8/2

Written by Will

Some minor Destiny news here but everyone playing should enjoy this news, class items will be affected by shaders in Rise of Iron. Myself, I am pretty excited for this. There are so many class items that I have wanted to rock but because they did not fit the color scheme I couldn't (I really could and just deal with a little mismatch but come on, who wants that!) Let me know what you guys think. What class items will you be rocking and what other changes do you think should be made. As always, eyes up guardian.

Crota's End

Written by Will

Crota's End was the second raid to be introduced and was dropped along with The Dark Below, the first of two expansions in "Year One". Crota's End has always felt more like a longer strike then a raid. The mechanics follow the same path as a raid(lead to a challenging puzzle like second stage, mini boss battle and then major boss battle with modifier/effect) and this is no exception but the instances just seem a bit lackluster for what is called a raid. The first area you must fall into a formed hole into what seems to be another dimension and you first notice there is a modifier called "Weight of Darkness". This is stackable up to 10 times with being at 10 means you cannot double jump or sprint. There is a path that you need to follow and there are lamps set up along the path that will get rid of the weight but with a price, once you activate the lamp it will burn for a certain amount of time and then blow up killing whatever is around it. This takes a lot of time and teamwork to get through the pit and then you are passed through to the Totems. With the totems, there is another teamwork oriented challenge in which at least one person must stand on the middle plate and one to the left and right totems. Standing on the middle plate without both on totem will cause the totems to go off and wipe the team. Once the middle plate is activated there will be Thrall spawning from all around the fireteam and they must keep them at bay until the Swordbearer comes from the middle door. They must kill him and run across the bridge that is being formed and kill the Gatekeeper with the sword only, he cannot be killed any other way. The team must do this one by one until three are across to the other side, then the three on the other side will do that same to bring the others across the bridge. Once everyone is on the far side, there will be two ogres that will spawn from left and right doors and they must be killed as soon as possible. The middle door will open and off to the next encounter. The Deathsinger is "mini boss" and can be done easily. Best method is to split into 2 groups and you will kill a wizard on left and right door then you will kill both sherkers. The doors inside will open and you have to kill the Deathsinger as mobs will continue to spawn. Once she is dead it will take some time before the next phase is reached but it is the final one. You must kill Crota. Do constant damage until he kneels hit him with the Sword of Crota. Rinse and repeat.

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Rise of Iron PlayStation Content

Written by Will

King's Fall raid will but up next week with our continuation of raid reviews/run-throughs but there has been some news to break out of Gamescom. Deej, the community manager of Bungie, confirmed that The Taken King PS exclusive exotics will remain that way until Fall 2017. The only two exotics that are PS exclusive are Zen Meteor(sniper rifle) and Jade Rabbit(scout rifle) but Xbox players will not get to play them for another year. This is unheard of for console exclusives with the most time for exclusivity has been a few months not two years. Some players look at this as they will get to play with the guns after they have been fixed and other see it as they won't get to use the gun until it has been nerfed into the ground. The biggest example of that was the year one exclusive hand cannon Hawkmoon. Xbox players heard it could one shot head shot others in PvP because of the stacking of the perk Luck In The Chamber but was fixed before the year was up for Xbox players to have it. What do you guys think of this deal, is two years to long for exclusives. Let me know on Twitter @SkyeMatrix. As always, eyes up guardian.

Why Destiny's Raids Actually Matter

Written by Will

With a new raid coming out with Rise of Iron, I would like to break down the raids to date in Destiny. Now I will be including 35 POE and Challenge of Elders but taken with a grain of salt especially Challenge of Elders because it was not said to be raid style but with rewards in the style of a raid-type activity. The first raid that was given to Guardians was the Vault of Glass and is still my favorite raid. The mechanics to start the raid is a challenge in itself. There are three sync plates that Guardians need to keep Vex off. While taking control of the plates, that starts the Spire building but once a Vex takes it the Spire will start to deconstruct. In the raid there is 2 mini boss fights(The Templar and Vex Hydra) along with a stealth maze(Gorgons). Finally the climax of the raid is at the very end, Atheon The Vex Time Lord. The boss mechanics are amazingly well done with this fight and it does not feel overwhelmingly difficult or a stroll through the park either, it is the most balanced fight in my opinion. When Atheon reaches the bottom of the long stair case he is teleported in on there will be a text pop up show on bottom right that shows Atheon opens Timestream and 3 Guardians are sent back in time to one of two portals they went sent in to fight the Hydra. One person must hold the shield relic to keep from plunging into Darkness and the other two must kill the oracles before they lost forever in time. On the outside, the remaining three must determine which portal they have to open and have to keep the plate until the Guardians inside can make the journey out. Once the fireteam is back in the glass throne their supers will constantly be filled. The person holding the relic will have to continue holding the relic throughout the fight to keep the team cleansed and to shield the attacks from Atheon. The attack period will be 30 seconds and then half of the team will be randomly teleported again. Keep doing this cycle until Atheon is no more.

Let me know what you think of the Vault of Glass and if you were "Forever 29" in Year One on Twitter @SkyeMatrix. As always, eyes up Guardian.

King's Fall

Written by Will

We are finally to King's Fall in this raid series. King's Fall has been my favorite to date because of the emphasis on teamwork. Almost every encounter requires at least four people(for those who are average at the game) and the need to communication is key. Even to get past the jumping puzzle you need two people to stand on plates to get the door open to go across. The Totems and Warpriest encounter require communication and a trust in your team that no raid has put out to date. Also, the empty-the-bucket method for Totem was an interesting add on that was awesome to see because it didn't follow the raid mechanics of the others. Change is not always a bad thing. The Golgoroth encounter is amazingly done as well because we saw something we never had before, you had to get the boss to shoot you. Most of the time it is take pot shots and then try and hide. With the Daughters of Oryx encounter, Bungie was able to add a jumping puzzle while trying to hold of reinforcements and doing DPS to the boss(seems almost too much at points) and the same with Oryx fight but you have to deal with giant Oryx this time. But the one point that as held great memories was the "Wipeout Wall". It is always fun to troll the new Guardian running King's Fall by making them stand in front of the piston. The one thing about this raid that was slightly disappointing was the fact that hard mode had the same modifier as the previous two raids and that is once you die, you are dead. It would have been nice to see something else happen upon death and not just you stay dead. With King's Fall it is more of a step back as most groups will wipe instead of finding a way to finish the encounter to get to the checkpoint. What do you guys think of King's Fall? Which was your favorite? Let me know on Twitter @SkyeMatrix. As always, eyes up guardian.